Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Movies

I woke up after 5 AM from the heat. I couldn't go back to sleep. I looked at Best Buy web site for some movies. I ate breakfast. I watched the last Planet of the Apes movies. It was a good movie. I made up my mind. I have to return the Planet Of The Apes set box. Two movies was lose from the base; the tab were broken off. I didn't like that.

I went to the bank first. I knew I have to put some money in. I had a feeling I will buy more movies at Best Buy. I walked down Vine to Santa Monica. I called Brian. I got no ring tones. I called again. Nothing happened. I looked at the phone. Now, it won't turn itself off and on. It was stuck. So, I walked back up to Verizon. I waited in line about 15 minutes. The worker saw me. I explained my situation. It will be a while. I checked out the phones. Hmm, some of them couldn't turn on. I found some did by the wall. I played with them. I saw a Qix game on a phone. I played that game for a while. I haven't played Qix since I was a small kid. I loved that game. It's bad I can't get that game for my phone. It must be that time. She was with another customer. She gave me my phone. I went outside. I looked at the time; 11 AM. Boy, I was there for an hour!

I walked to the bus stop on Vine and Santa Monica. I called Brian; I left a message "on the way to Best Buy." Damn, it was extremely hot. Bus 4 came soon. I went to the movies. I ended up getting lots of movies. I returned the box set for a new one. Peter called me as I got in line. It was my turn. I hung up the phone. Man, oh, man! I spent over $350 for the movies. The last time I spent that kind of money for the movies was at Blockbuster few years ago. I only spent over $100 for 8 movies.

I called Brian back. He mentioned he need to go back to Best Buy for a phone call. He forgot to buy one yesterday. I mentioned I just left the store; I was on my way home. They can come over after Best Buy. I got home about 2. I watched the Planet Of The Apes documentary. Peter called me. They weren't coming over; it was getting late. Peter wanted to come over Tuesday to watch some movies. Sure, that's fine. I watched more movies. Few times, I fell asleep during Sinbad. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Don't get me wrong. Sinbad wasn't a boring movie!

I was tired and sleepy. Good night.

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