Sunday, July 3, 2005

July 3


Yesterday, I had a wonderful time with Peter & Brian. They called me on the bus from the gym; they wanted me to meet at Starbucks, then we will go straight to Glendale mall. I told them I will take 603 to the mall. Instead, I took the sunset bus and walked up to Hollywood Blvd. They were on their way on Bus 4 from home. I called them, "I will catch the 180 bus and meet you at the mall."

I went to Kay B Toys for a short while, then I waited outside of JC Penny, playing Connect 4. Peter called me, "We just left JC and was by Brookstone." He gave me directions on the phone. I have no ideal of where the store was. I found them on the second floor. Brian looked good in his new jeans. He went to Jc to take off the security tag; they forgot to take it off.

We ate Carl's Jr. They paid my meal. I don't keep any money on me. We chatted about Arnold, the worst Governor in California; their new phone plan with Verizon. Peter pointed out to Brian that it's best to cancel the new plan; his job will end at the end of the month. Peter made sense about it; Stella Got Her Groove- in real life, the lady found out that her husdand was gay and only married her for his green card. Brian pointed that there will be a new movie call "Stella Got Screwed." I bursted out laughing!

We went to Verizon Store. Brian made up his mind to call the phone service. I paid my bill; she mentioned I already have $42 credit. I told her that was fine. I used the ATM for $100. We looked at the phones till closing time. I like some of the new phones; some have the biggie screen.

We waited for the bus. Peter used the restroom. We missed the bus. Peter came out and we went down to the other bus stop with less people. The main one have lots of people. I wanted to be sure we will have a seat on the bus. The bus came; we sat in the back of the bus. I finally told Brian about the accounts; he mentioned they will find out and it was best to get a safe deposit box for the money. No thanx. I will take my chance on the account.

We got off on Western/Hollywood to take some movies back at Hollywood Video. Peter wanted some ice cream. We stopped by McDonald's on Sunset/Western. I was impressed by the new section 8 apartments. I wished I could have move there. I will have been closer to everything. We walked to Hollywood Video. They will take Queer As Folk Season 4 home again. They need to watch the last few episodes. We parted ways and went home.

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