Friday, November 14, 2003



Yesterday afternoon, The Raven's post gave me an excellant ideal, an ideal may get me in deep trouble. My forever obession may lives on! LOL

I wrote an letter to some old friends, Frank and Kevin, but they won't recognise me. Oh well, that 's fine and dandy. It needs some mystery to the assorted deed!

Evening, Mike dropped by for a while; he wanted to go online. He mentioned he will find out about his HIV test this sunday at the sex club, Slammers. He doesn't like that place. Me either! I have never been! Zone is much my style. I heard Slammers was disgusting. I mentioned that Mike can be tested at Melrose Spa too.

Since Mike and me was close; I showed him the "shocking" letter. Believe me, Mike was beyond shock! He wondered if I came inside. Of course! Miguel and I never use condoms; bareback all the way since the day we met at the bath house, Melrose Spa. We have never talk about HIV either.

This afternoon, I walked to the post office and mail off the letter to my friends in Texas. I wanted to send one to Miguel's sister. For sure, his family will be angry! I will do that later. I want to see if the two friends get my letter. If not, his sister is the next to go.

I changed my mind of going to Vons; there was lots of strikers out. I will get the bread some other time. I didn't want to face the strikers. I wasn't up to them. Yeah, I was running low on the food. Some friend could take me shopping this weekend.

I just went home and watched Passions. Grace finally made her choice after two years; she finally picked her first hubby, David! It was about time. Everyone was sick of the storyline. It should have ended long time ago! Anthonio pondered to his mother about Luis/Sheridan of being lovers behind his back. He asked his mother, Pilar, about those two. Luis showed up and will tell him about their past. Then....we need to wait till Monday for the cliffhanger! ROFL

I haven't watch Days Of Our Lives yet. Tomorrow will do. I was no hurry to watch Days. Friday's, I will watch the episodes during the weekend. I was meaning to wathc Days today but I kept on watching tv shows like The Golden Girls, King Of The Kill, Married With Children, The Simpsons and others.

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