Saturday, November 29, 2003



Did you grow up in a small town that you were so bored & felt you had to get away?

In a way, it was kinda like a small town. I never fit in at all. I had no place there.

My family really like it there, but I never did.

We moved there to be closer to my granny in 1977; my dad was killed in a truck accident in 1973.

Mom wanted her family around her.

U know us, kids - We had no choice at all. Mom uprooted the kids to the most boring town ever.

It's too bad that you've lost touch with your family.

not really.

For some, we can't go home again!

That is the God's honest truth!

I didn't felt like i was a part of the family; no structure.

Even though you don't choose to live where they live, you should at least try & keep in touch with them, unless they've done something to hurt you, & even then fences can still usually be mended if both sides are willing to forgive....

That life was THAT FAMILY is over with; I won't ever go back again.

It is just best to remain on my own and NEVER EVER cross path with any of them.

I truly felt like my mom wants to control me, but I can't handle that.

I need to live my own life - FAR AWAY IN ANOTHER CITY.

I wasn't happy at all.

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