Monday, November 10, 2003

Nov 10, 2003, Mon


I woke up about 7 AM. An hour later, Brian was the next to get up, then Peter, who want some loving from Brian in bed. They fell back to sleep for a while. Peter took a shower; Brian signed up for classes online. I noticed the phone message - Miguel called me at 2:45 AM. I answered the phone about 8 AM - Miguel wondered about our plans. I mentioned that some friends were over and I will probably be there when they both leave.

I wondered about their plans - Brian heads over to his mother's for his classes and Peter was free today. Brian stayed with his mom for collage during the strike; Brian hated staying at his mom's . Her roomie is an alcoholic. I offered Peter to spend another night without Brian. I won't be here - I probably spend the night with Miguel.

I got dressed, then I realized they will eat at McDonald's. I stayed behind to take a shower and shaved while listened to Madonna. Upstairs neighbor stopped by to use the phone - he mentioned that he already received an eviction noitce from them. Damn, they act too fast. He didn't pay his rent this month. Last friday, someone stole money, wallet and backpack when he had a seizure! That sux! Brian/Peter came back.

Peter went online about the cable tv - some other company is doing the cable deal for my apartment building. I have to talk to the landlord about canceling the cable. I haven't recieve the cable box, nor I paid my bills yet! They promised us a special cable package. So far, they broke the promise!

Miguel called again; we can do it some other time. I have friends over; u know the good host! He sounded disappointed. I was too. I hoped we could spend the day together. Brian noticed I was depressed; I didn't want him to worry. Of course, I lied that everything is fine. Brian left for his mom's about 2:30. A while later, Peter wanted my house key; I wasn't going with him to the library. I gave him my spare. He took another shower; he doesn't want to spend the night with me! Peter went home.

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