Sunday, November 30, 2003

family part 2


It's too bad that you never felt you fit in with your family.

Other people felt the same way. I felt like I am a OUTSIDER - at home and school.

you'll change your mind about not wanting to ever see them again.

I really doubt it very much.

1999, Someone sent her a letter stating I died from AIDS. My mother found me at a shelter. I moved back home - the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life.

Mom and sister WANTED me to take over my sister's old place with my mother. I didn't want to; I told them i was unhappy in texas this past TWO MONTHS.

They didn't listen to me at all; I signed the one year lease with mom - The SECOND mistake of my life. I felt like i was FORCE into signing it. One night, i ran away from home - without telling no one - back to Hollywierd. I didn't want them to CONTROL MY LIFE.

And u really thought that THOM BIERDZ have it bad! ROFL.

People change over time, & so do their opinions about things,

Not about my life! I am so estranged from them that I care less about them.

All I say that LIFE IS ONE BIG SOAP! We need to learn how to live with it and move on with our lives. I really need my art; it made me the person I am today. The art is my lifeline!

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