Sunday, November 9, 2003

Nov 9, 2003, Sunday


I played some video games till Mike called me about a train show in Pasadena. I told him that I need to call Brian/Peter. There was no answer at all. I called Mike back on the phone. He asked, "Would I wait for them?" I mentioned no way! They will come in the evening time. I didn't want to wait all day for them to show up. They may not show up afterall.

Mike was on his way; I had a few mintues to get ready. He came soon after. We took the oldest highway to Pasadena. He have been working too hard at work since the bus strike. He was doing more work during the strike. He wants things to get back to normal. I don't blame him at all. One time, he worked on the buses in the cold rain! Damn, I would have work the buses when it stop raining.

We parked in the parking lot; $7 for 16 hours was a good deal. He paid my way; they stamp a green star on our right hand. I haven't never saw so many train in one place before. It was my first train show! I mentioned to Mike that we should go to a toy show, he will have fun there too. I know I will! He brought a train over $100. Thanx God I wasn't a train nut! I just can't afford it, only the video games! Mike knows the trains pretty well in LA - he knows everything about the trains!

We went to the back where everyone was playing with their trains. SOme of them was pretty big. After a while, my ears was arching; the noises was too loud! We had a nice time. He asked me if I want to go home. Nah, I can go to Target with him. We got off the wrong exit, we took the street the rest of the way. We ate at Panda Express first; we were hungry. I took off the teeth to eat; it was hard to eat. We went to Target for a while. He got a DVD for his niece- she was getting married. I brought another gameboy advance with E Reader. I brought Pacman World 2 and Luigi's Mansion. He dropped me off at home. An hour later, Peter/Brian shows up to spend the night with me. We talked, played games and watched our favourite show, Queer As Folks!

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