Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Michael Jackson


Well, Michael Jackson was in trouble with the law once again! The police raided Neverland in the morning on the charges of child molestion again! Boy, history repeats itself. The same thing happen ten years ago.

I will never forget this day at all; the raid was on my oldest sister's birthday. I forgot how old she is. I don't keep in touch with any family. That life was over.

Who ever thought Michael will be in trouble for the same thing? This time, the law is different; it got alot tougher concerning molestion. The boy saw an shrink about Michael; the shrink told the police.

For sure, the case wouldn't die anytime soon. As big Michael Jackson is, it will be a hot topic for months to come. The world would be watching his every move.

Don't forget...........Michael's new CD is out today!

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