Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Cracked Connie


Kacie Borrowman had big shoes to fill on Passions; in real life, Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy) died from a heart attack on the same day that Timmy died.

Most people really thought Connie was Timmy's replacement on the soap. Nobody really like that. We all want Timmy back! Tabby and Timmy belonged together. Timmy had a special place in Tabby's heart just like his fans.

"I thought it was in distaste to bring them on so shortly after the loss of Timmy :("

I felt the same way, Timmy was a great character.

Suddenly, we have TWO NEW living dolls - Cracked Connie and Cecil.

I learned that Connie was already planned before Timmy's death.

It such an relief to learn that. I have newfound respect for Connie.

Maybe, Connie should come back for a little while.

It was unfortunate that Timmy/Josh died when he did.

Having Connie come on that time MAKES SENCE!

Josh won't be on Passions for THREE months after his heart operation.

Therefore, TPTB created Connie to fill the living doll void till our favourite TIMMY comes back to Passionsl.

If people knew that in the beginning, We will accept The CONNIE DOLL!

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