Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Nov 11, 2003, Tues


I arrived at the post office in West Hollywood by the gay clubs. I didn't know that the post office was closed today. Also, I didn't know today was a holiday, Veteran's Day. I hardly keep up with the holidays; it was just a day for me. Veteran's Day doesn't mean anything to me nor some holidays!

I was mad at myself. I felt like I wasted the morning on the FIVE buses on a TWO HOUR trip! Miguel called me at the post office; he wanted a big favor from me. He need $200; Olga' family was coming down for the day from Whittier. They will eat at California Pizza Place at Hollywood/Highland mall. Miguel really need the money to show them a good time.

He went to the bank on Sunset/Vine; he didn't know the bank or the public places was closed. He did the next best thing; he called me for the money. I mentioned I was at the post office. He wanted to meet him at Hollywood/Highland. I will take the bus. NOT! He demanded me to take a taxi; he will pay for it! Hello, how could he pay? He don't have any money. He was waiting for me.

Well, I decided to take the bus, but I didn't meet him at all. I wasn't comfortable of giving him the money. I waited for the bus at the hospital near the mall. I just wanted to be alone and didn't want to give him the money. After a while, I went to Barnes & Noble at The Grove. I didn't want to ran into him.

Miguel called me couple more times, but I didn't answer the phone. I knew he will be angry at all. It seems like old times - he got himself in a pickle and I need to bail him out. I don't want to be bother with him concerning about any money. He can be angry at me; I really don't care at all. An hour later, it was time to go home.

I got off Sunset/Highland, then I caught the next bus to Hollywood/Vine and finally home. I was glad I didn't ran into him. It will be a while I won't hear from him.

He was pretty mad for failing him! Hey, it wasn't my damn problem!

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