Thursday, November 6, 2003

Nov 6, 2003, Thurs


Today was the day I finally see the dentist! I can't wait to get the teeth! Last month, the teeth was to small. Hopefully, I will get them! I supposed to get the teeth last year, but the damn doctor at APLA dentist NEVER EVER hook me up; he was so lazy - meaning he didn't do his damn job! I should give him a hard time.

I lefted my place about 8:30 AM. I didn't want to be late AND I have some errands. I got off Rampart to 6th/Vermont to Wilshire/Western. I went to the bank, then I headed to the check cashing place. I tried to pay the gas bill, but they don't do the gas bills, only the DWP. I filled out the money orders.

I saw a guy put a for sale sign on his car for $3,000. Well, I don't have that kind of money. I played Connect Four till the bus came. I got off Santa Monica and walked to the dentist. She saw me thirty minutes later. She wondered if I lost the teeth. Hello, she told me to come back, the teeth didn't fit! I put them in. Presto, they fits! I lefted the dentist

I called Taylor; his phone was disconnected. I figured he didn't pay his bill; he doesn't have a job. I walked up to Hollywood/Vine to wait for the bus. I called Robert; we talked for a while - Sean doesn't live with him anymore - he was going from place to place; Mike is trying to take care of his grown sister as parent and a friend - his sister never party; Taylor has a new phone number - his ex partner kept on harrassing him; Robert didn't give me his new number. Robert mostly stayed home since the bus strike. He wondered about my teeth. I mentioned I got them today. He was happy for me. He does understands me quite well; I figured my speech was worse, thanx to the teeth.

I got off the bus at 3rd/Western to mail the bills. I walked two blocks. I saw the bus coming and ran across the street. I went to Walgreens for press compact, Mountain Dew and two cupcakes. Eating with the teeth was hard. I will take them out to eat! I went home, tired from the long walk - Rampart to MacArthur Park to home!

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