Sunday, November 30, 2003

Charlee's email


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If all that is true then it was really bad of you to do that! Why would you do it? Did someone do that to you and you did this in some sort of warped retalitation? Or is this scenario just something you know could happen to someone? I sure hope it's not true not just for him but for you also. HIV is a terrible disease. Down deep you know is a horrible thing to do to someone. Did you care about this person at all or were you just using him? If he thinks he gave it to you then why doesn't he want anything to do with you? Is it that he feels guilty? I know this is a lot of questions that are none of my business. I'm just trying to understand I suppose. As to telling him the truth...what would it accomplish? If you both have the disease then it would only make him hate you for sure! You sound almost like you want to hurt yourself as well as him. I really do pray that you both get better. A few people seem to beat the odds. Take care of yourself........charlee

I sent her an email right back. This is my response.....

thanx for a wonderful email.

u posted well tought questions

the main question i will answer - As to telling him the truth...what would it accomplish?

the only answer - Forgiveness starts with the one we hurt the most.

For me, i need his forgiveness to forgive myself.

it is very hard thou, knowing the damage i caused, in spite of the attempted murder

Honesty, i have to live with it every day of my life.

take care

have a nice week.

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