Wednesday, November 19, 2003



I was so sick of the news about Michael Jackson. It was on the news all day. I didn't want to stay home for that. I watched the soaps, some of it; the news kept on interupted the soaps.

I was anxious to ride the bus somewhere! I believed the new Mario/Luigi game was out today. I went to Circuit City on the bus. Man, there was few people on the bus. I wasn't suprised; not everyone trust MTA.

Circuit City changed big time; they switched the place around. The games is in the backl they were by the front. I saw the game guide for Mario/Luigi! Yes, I really need that guide! hehe. I didn't see the game anywhere. I asked the worker. He mentioned to look on the shelves! Hello, I did!

I didn't want to leave empty handed! I ended up buy some games for Gamecube. I asked the cashier, "When does the new Mario'Luigi game come out?" She didn't have any ideal. I thought I read it right on the web; it was out already.

I went straight home and played the games. I really like the new games - Lord Of The Rings. I brought the game guide for that game too. These days, we need the guide to learn how to beat the games! I got more memory for the Gamecube; I know I will need it!

I checked Nintendo web site again; the game came out on November 17. I was right. I noticed the new Mario/Donkey Kong game; no details was out. I wondered what the game was about. It should be quite good. Mario/Donkey Kong haven't been in the same game since the 1980's minus the racing games. Maybe, DK wanted revenge on Mario!

The Michael Jackson news didn't die down. It was a good thing I brought the games. I need to tune the news out for a while. We can take so much news.

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