Friday, November 21, 2003

11/21/03, Friday


This morning, I woke up feeling crappy. I didn't feel like to do anything today. It was one of those days that I want to be fully refresh. I watched TV for a little while. Reigs/Kelly had the second Annual Hunkiest Husband Contest. I got bored after thirty minutes. They went all out on the contest; all the men was handsome. There wasn't an Average Joe in sight! Then I watch Good Day Live; it was mostly about Michael Jackson. I was quickly bored with it.

I remembered I need to pick up a package from the post office; they left a note few days ago. I tried out my new CD walkman. I put it in the front pocket of the new bag I brought few weeks ago. I was planing to walk. I changed my mind; I wasn't in the mood or the best shape of me life. I stood on the bus playing the gameboy.

I knew it; my new movies was there! I was glad I brought the bag with me; I didn't want to carry them in my backpack. I went to the next door and put the movies in the bag. There was some people on the sidewalk. I didn't trust them. I tore the address from the box and put it in the bag. They won't know where I live. I didn't wait for the bus. I walked home. My left foot was hurting; I walked slanted on the way home. I need to see the doctor about my foot; better yet, my health.

I watched my soaps; the scenes with Victor Newman and his long lost dad was fabulous. Both actors did a fantastic job. Victor didn't want nothing from him; he just put the old man in his place that family mean everything to him. Nick felt sorry for his daddy; I bet he have some regrets about turning him in for illegal business. Oh well! The Newmans will never be the same.

I watched Passions for a short time. I was so bored with the soap; I switched over to General Hospital. Sonny was expecting Carly home; but she want to her new lover's place instead. Nicolas and his girlfriend was trapped in a room with a bomb. Some guy raced to save them, but the bomb exploded!

This guy knocked on the door. I didn't answer; I wanted to watch South Park. After the movie, I noticed I don't have cable! THANK GOD! I still won't pay the bill; no cable box. I fixed the TV. I found out I can watch my British comedies on Saturdays! In the past, I didn't get them

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