Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Couch


Yesterday, my neighbor asked me if I wanted to buy his couch for $20. He mentioned that the day before. I told him I have to think about it. I hardly have any room in my place. I lived in a single apartment.

He finally showed me the white leather couch. It was nice and comfortable. I can't do anything at all. I was in the middle of something - baking cupcakes and my friends was coming over for the night. Once again, I need to think about it. Peter/Brian came over at the right time. I mentioned the couch. They thought I should get it. Hmm, then where to put the couch?

We rearranged the place - the round table was in the corner, the book shelf was in the middle of the window and the chair was by the dresser. I decided to measure the couch to be sure it will fit. Brian wanted to come along. I brought along some cupcakes. I promised he can have some.

We went upstairs. The guy wasn't there. I told him that I want to measure the couch. The other guy said "The lady's father just brought the couch. Didn't he tell you?" Hell, no! I was disappointed. I wanted a couch for a while, I still want one. Some day, another chance will come a knocking. The thing is that guy should have tell me in the beginning that someone brought the couch. No, he waited till I found out on my own. Drats! Oh well! I had a feeling that couch was stolen. A white leather couch for $20. That' odd.

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