Monday, November 17, 2003

Average Joe


Tonight's Average Joe revealed the latest twist of being average! Throw some HUNKS into the mix and see what guy the girl (Melena) will drool over!

The show started on three groups of two guys competing for a date with Melena for that one night. At the end, three were let go from Average Joe.

Kathy Griffith, oh I love her, explained the game will be change forever with the twist.

Ladies and gentlemen, the HUNK from the first episode is the latest twist along with two other HUNKS! I wasn't suprised by the twist at all. The first hunk was writing on the wall; I knew he will be a twist somehow on the reality show.

Of course, the average Joes doesn't like the twist one damn bit! They knew they won't have a chance against the HUNKS! Everyone will pick the HUNK no matter what. I know I will! lol

I like Average Joe; give this show a chance. You won't regret the Average Joe!

BTW, Average Joe have it own message boards. I wished the other NBC shows get their own boards soon.

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