Monday, November 10, 2003



Miguel called me this evening; he can't get a hold of his sister for tomorrow's lunch date at Hollywood/Highland - Tony was online. I mentioned I will get my mail in the morning. He wanted to see me for lunch. He called me back again - the lunch date was STILL on for his sister and him. Oh well!

He brought up the letter I mailed to his sister earlier this year. I mentioned it was in the past. Miguel shouldn't be worry about the letter or Olga. We grown alot since then and time healed all wounds. He told me that Olga asked him if the letter was true. How could come answer a question like that? It was out of the left field!

It looked like I was a bad guy in their eyes! I really don't care. It doesn't matter one bit at all. I won't defend myself for the letter; the past belonged in the past. It was water under the bridge. Miguel and I was friends; that's what counts the most.

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