Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Wade Robson


Celeb choreographer Wade Robson, 21, told Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper that he visited Neverland Ranch when he was a kid and also slept in the same bed as the embattled singer. "But," he added, "nothing strange happened."

Hello, Wade! I will have to say this.......Dumb, stupid, idiotic, absurb, moronic.

In your own words, "Nothing strange happened."

Hmm, something STRANGE did happened.

Michael Jackson (adult) slept with you and other YOUNG KIDS!

That is beyond strange - it is sickening!

Did you sleep with your father in his bed?

My opinion - it wasn't right for a ADULT to sleep with young KIDS!

The kids have their own bed to sleep on.

Yet, Michael Jackson wants to sleep with kids.

That is sickening indeed!

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