Sunday, November 16, 2003

Stepping Stones


Stepping Stones
by Kazz Falcon

Stepping Stones
Each stone represent how far I came
Teach me about life
I reached for the next stone
Nothing happen
Something crossed my mind
I can’t leave this stone
I must conquer it on my own
I trusted the stone,
Floating on the water
The next stone, I moved up in life
Each one after that,
Growing to be a better person
I glowed into a light
A shinning light I can be proud
I fought to be on the next one
I lost sight of things
And fell into the water
Every stone disappeared
I reappeared on the same one I started on
By chance, I don’t have to start at the first one
I learned from my mistakes
And earned the stepping stones again

Copyright ©2003 Kazz Falcon

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