Thursday, November 13, 2003



Raven responded to The Attempted Murder in the Gay Life forum. He was pretty upset!

1122.2 in reply to 1122.1

"A year and a half ago, I had a lover.

Wonderful, red haired, freckled, smiling and caring man.

A year and a half ago, he died of HIV complications. I'd do anything to get him back.

To think that you knowingly gave this to someone fills me with a hate so black it burns in it's intensity.

I hope you go to a special hell."

I replied back to his post, the best I know how - DEFENSE!

"I'm not the ONLY ONE who does it.

We do have BAREBACK sex everywhere.

Anything goes at the bath houses and sex clubs.

We are already in the special hell.

Earth is one hell I will love to leave!

Raven, at least, the police can't do anything about the attempted murder!"

My replied to him was the most honest truth! Hear that, Raven? People won't stop doing unsafe sex; it was nature of the human flesh.

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