Monday, August 1, 2005

Heaven & God

By Kazz Falcon

I read in the bible that being gay is a sin
That doesn’t wash my hands
I just don’t believe that
God made me a homosexual
Therefore, how can it be a sin?
Besides, God want a variety of people on earth
The bible said, “Do not judge.”
Yet, some people do it any way
They judged me for being gay
Let’s talk about homosexuality in the bible
It’s best to talk about Heaven and God first
Picture this
It’s the judgment day
I stood in front of God
It was the only the two of us, not counting Jesus and Mother Mary
Who else do I see?
I don’t see anyone else, not my friends, family or strangers
It’s between God and me
It’s really about God and me, no one else
The relationship is between God and me
God is the judge of my life
No one else judges me in heaven
Why can’t it be like that on earth where no one judges you?

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