Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Drug Addiction Baby

By Kazz Falcon

I felt so ashamed
My newborn baby was addiction to drugs
It was my entire fault
I did heroin with a needle
I just didn’t care
My main concern was the next hit
No matter how I get it, I put the baby in jeopardy
I wasn’t thinking about the baby
I wanted to get high at any cost
Sadly, I didn’t want the baby
I felt like the pregnancy ruined my life
I wasn’t ready to be a mother
I just punished my baby
I don’t deserve him
I was an unfit mother
I wanted no part of him
I didn’t see him after the birth
It was much better that way
My baby could have a REAL mother
She would take better care of him
I signed my parental rights away
I gave up the drug addiction baby

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