Sunday, August 14, 2005

Real Talent

by Kazz Falcon

Some people was mad at me
They don't see the whole story
They saw someone else in me
I was a REAL person in my art
They saw I was homophobia
They saw I was an unfit mother
They saw I was a killer
They saw I was a druggie
They saw I was an alcoholic
They saw I was black
They saw I was other people
They truly believed I was those people
I can't be THOSE people
I am a gay white male, artist & HIV +
I have a true passion for my art
I don’t want to limit myself to one type of art
It’s best to be versatile
I showed wide range of emotions
To be successful, they must see me as that character
Just like the actors in the movies
The audience needs to feel the pain and happiness too
They may relate to the character
What was the truth?
I can't be any of those things
I represent the REAL world in my art
I envisioned myself as those people
Just like the actors in the movies
As long we are convincing, it’s a job well done
That’s make us great artists
I don't want to hide from the truth
It does happen in real life
Probably, they was mad at THOSE people in the world
I don't care if they get mad at me
That really told me one thing
They were convinced that I was them
Meaning, I was a great artist
Yet, they don't see the real talent

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