Sunday, August 14, 2005

8/14/05 Sunday

I woke up about 7 AM. I took a quick shower. I thought About not going with Peter/Brian to the Tall Boats show. I didn't get enough sleep last night. Peter called me...u know an wake up call. I just wanted to eat breakfast, then I will tell them I wasn't going.

I took bus 4 to Western/Santa Monica. I called Peter; they were on the way to the bus stop. I waited at the bus stop. I saw them inside the bus. They strolled around the corner and walked down the other side of the street. I don't think they saw me at the bus stop. I walked down to McDonald's. They got to the corned. The light turned green. They ran across the street and rushed into McDonald's. I went inside. Peter said, "What take you long? We were here a long time." He was playing with me. We ate breakfast. I showed them the new poem.

The poem makes sence. Most people don't see the real talent; they only see the OTHER person. After all, I write as the first person, not the third person. All this time, I got the first person and the thrid person messed up. Writing as the first person is much easy for me.

We took bus 4 to the red line, the subway to Union Station. Peter/Brian looked at the bus times. One will be there shortly. We went upstairs. We chatted for a while. Brian was still working at the one place. Brian brought up about moving. He figured moving up north will be a great ideal. We lived in LA forever. Brian wants to get a house in the East Bay. There are more job openings for his kind of work. Peter and I likes the moving ideal. I won't mind moving, but...we need to money or, at least, someone hit it big!

We took 446 to the Tall Boat show. We grabbed something to eat. We ate at the table. We looked around at the booths. They brought a small tain glasss with a boat or a lighthouse. Then, we went to see the tall boats. The lines was full. We got in line. Brian decided we can get in another line. We went inside a building and saw lots of boats. I took some pictures. We were there about 45 minutes. We went outside. We walked around.

On the other side, some people fed some fishes to some seals. We took some pictures. A crowd gathered around and took some pics too. We finally waited in line. They guy told us to wait; it's time to let some people off the boat. We walked on the boat and saw everything. I took some pics of Brian/Peter and the boat. We walked to the trian station. We changed our minds and went to the mexican restuarant. We waited atthe bar; drinking. Peter came back; our table was ready. We went outside to eat.

We walked to the bus stop. The bus was coming; we almost miss the bus. We ran and made it on time. We went to Union Station. We got off at Santa Monica. We went our separate ways. I took bus 4 home.

I was pretty tired. I watched the Fox 11 news. Once again, there was another car chase. Someone carjacked a car with a gun. Few times, Fox 11 lost the feeds from the helicopter. At the end, the guy stopped the car. He got out of the car. There was no running from the police. They arrested him. After the news, I went to sleep.

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