Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The Hit

Today was the day. I was on the way to meet that person at a disclosed location. No one will suspect a thing. As long I keep everything under wraps, I won't get in trouble with the law.

The Hit
By Kazz Falcon

The hit will be unexpected
None will be the wiser
It’s best to be that way
No on can stop the hit
It must be successful first
Then, he will receive payment
I waited for a long time
He was the perfect choice to be the hit man
I trusted that he wouldn’t tell the police
I won’t go to jail; even it kills me
My fate was in his hands
I depended on him
Hopefully, he will get the job done
It means the world to me
It will be worth every cent
There won’t be any more pain or headache
Soon, that life will end
I won’t miss the dreadful life
The only difference between Terry and me
Her husband pulled the plug on her life
I had a choice to end things
I can live with the decision
Bring on the hit

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