Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hate Crime

By Kazz Falcon

Man, oh, man!
I really hated the faggots
They grossed me out big time
That lifestyle wasn’t right in God’s eyes
It was plain wrong
It supposed to be a man/woman, not the same sex
They were ruining the human race
All humans should procreate
I was glad that God forbids them in Heaven
That was one place we will be free of them
I can’t tolerate the sick individuals
It really sickened me
I won’t stand for them any more
It was time for a serious beating
I drove around town late at night
A feminine guy was hitching a ride
I remained calm and pulled to the side
He needs a ride home to West Hollywood
I picked him up
I mentioned I know a short cut
In truth – I took him to a dark alley
Of course, I sexually misled him
He fell for my wicked charms
He was interested of getting it on
I planted a kiss on his lips
He foolishly let his guard down
I had him where I want him
I made my move with a knife
He was scared for his life
He pleaded for his safety
Hell, no!
I had to get rid of that faggot
The world will be better off without him
I stabbed him to death
There was no stopping the hate crime

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