Thursday, August 4, 2005

Captured By Hate

By Kazz Falcon

I had such a beautiful wife
She was my joy and love
I adored everything about her
She was kind, sweet, loving, caring and a great comfort
She will do anything for you
I couldn’t ask for a better spouse
One stormy night, she didn’t come home on time
I became worried about her
It wasn’t like her to be late
I didn’t call the police
She wasn’t missing for 24 hours
I drove around the neighborhood in the rain
I noticed someone lay by the curb
I parked the car
I ran to check the person
My worst nightmare came true
I found her in a pool of blood
She bled to death
A thug stabbed her with a knife
Her purse was missing
He took my wife from me
How could someone do such a thing?
She didn’t have a mean bone in her body
I regretted for not protecting her
I wished I was with her
Things would be different
She would still be alive
I became angry
I couldn’t stop the rage
He will be sorry for killing my wife
He will pay with his life
I won’t stop till he is DEAD
The killing engulfed my soul within
The hate grew stronger by each second
I vowed to avenge her death
I was captured by hate

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