Saturday, August 13, 2005



Jade09 from Planetout got on my case for giving my lover the HIV virus. He was really angry about the HIV Guilt.

I let him have it big time!

What a horrible, selfish thing to do to someone you "love". You should be prosecuted for murdering your lover. I wonder how many more people you have deliberately infected with a terminal illness because you "loved" them so much, that you could not bear the thought of losing them. You'll lose him now- from the disease you gave him.. I hope you are imprisoned for the rest of your irresponsible life.

This is my response.

Please get off your HIGH HORSE!
The police will NEVER EVER arrest me for giving the lover the HIV disease.
I will remain a free man!
Really, the police can do NOTHING about it.
Yes, I admitted I gave him HIV.
There is NO WAY that I will be lock up.

I sent Jade09 an email with the same response.

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