Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Childhood Homes


there are many people want to check their childhood home in the old neighborhood.

All my life, I want to see the home in Cleveland. We used to lived in a two story brick house on the corner in the mid 1970's. the landlords lived on the first floor. my family lived on the second.
we lived across a playground; the church was the next door.

I forgotton the address. i have no ideal what happen to the neighborhood.
then, we moved to Fort Worth to by near my granny, my mum's mum, in the late 70's.

We lived at 8212 Susssex St. in White Settlement. My mum rented the house from granny. I remembered the house and the neighborhood quite well. We lived there for many many years.

The last thing I heard about 8212 Sussex, the house was tored down in the 1990's. Someone is living at that address now. I haven't look at the new house.

I could imagine their house is much better than the old one!

Hopefully, some day, I could drop in for a visit and looked at the new house!

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