Saturday, May 28, 2005

This Past Week

Silly Disco on KBIG!!

This morning, I wanted to file the police report against the hit man, John Smith. I printed out copies of both emails. I added a letter with it too. I woke up after 10. I was still too tired to do anything. My body need more rest. So, I just stayed home and do nothing except play the computer game, Diablo 2. For sure, I will go to the police on Monday.

This past two weeks, I played Diablo 2 every single day. I forgot how to play! I haven't played in a few months. The sad thing is all my characters was gone. If we don't play the game after 90 days, they will delete the characters you created. My favourite is the Sorcess. Magic is my thing!

Oh yeah! I shaved off my hair and the beard. I was clean shaven all over my face. I will do my best to remain BALD. I looked good with it. My head is made for it. I did it few times in the past, but it was only a day or two!

Tuesday morning, I started to play Diablo 2. I didn't went to sleep til the very next night. I played over 36 hours straight with a few breaks!

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