Wednesday, May 4, 2005



Miguel called me couple of times from his brother's place today. I didn't even want to answer the phone. I let the answer machine to pick up. I checked my messages at night.

"Hello, Kazz. Are you there? Hello. Miguel. I just want to tell you I am really upset for what you did to Michael. You send that ugly joke. It was bad. I am not happy at all. He got upset. Call me at Marcelia. Please. Bye."

the letter was not a FREAKING JOKE! Michael and Miguel need to get over themselves!

It really did happened a while back.

Hello! How come Robert Hawk, FBI agent, sent me an email last month? Hmm, because The FBI are investigating me. I still have the email that Robert sent me!

Besides, Miguel wanted to "lie" about me. So, the letter was a perfect opportunity to set the record straight with Michael. After all, I wanted to confirm Saturday evening with Miguel.

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