Monday, May 2, 2005

Michael Gilbert letter


This morning, I sent this letter to Michael Gilbert.

Last night, I mentioned I will write to him about Miguel!

This is the letter...

Michael Gilbert,

I wanted to confirm that Miguel was with me on April 30, Saturday night. I ran into some big trouble with an FBI special agent, Robert Hawk.

Robert wanted to talk to me about the ATTEMPTED MURDER. I refused to call Robert. I won't discuss it to Robert. As long I keep my mouth shut, the police can't ARREST me for the attempted murder. No one have hard core evidence. I know in my heart that I will go to prison.
I don't want to lose my freedom.

A while back, I got into a HUGE fight with this girl. I was angry with her. I chased her with a knife. I wanted to kill her. The girl called out for help. Her mother showed up. She told her mother what happened. The mother CONFRONTED me, but I DENIED everything. I lied to get out of the mess I created.

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