Thursday, May 5, 2005

Freeway Shootings

By Kazz Falcon

I was driving down the freeway in LA
I was on my way home from work
This guy pulled up beside me
I couldn’t see his face
His windows was shaded
He was honking at me
I figured he wanted to get in front of me
I pulled back some
He had some room to get in the same lane
He honked more
I honked back to signal him
He honked once more
I looked over my right shoulder
I moved over to the next lane
He can have my previous lane
I don’t want to deal with that crazy driver
I continued on driving
Further down the freeway, he got behind me
I still couldn’t see his face
He slightly bumped into me
I was frustrated with him
I moved over to the next lane
Once again, he pulled beside me
His window was down
I noticed he had a mask on
That struck me odd
He pulled out a gun
He shot at me a few times
I lost conscious and crashed into a tree
I became a victim of the freeway shootings

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