Sunday, May 1, 2005



Last night, Miguel called me. He mentioned that Michael was angry at him. He cooked for them and Miguel wasn't even home for supper. Miguel cooked for me! Me bad!

Miguel mentioned to Mike that he was there for me because I was crying about some personal problem. In other words, Miguel flat out LIED to Mike.

Wait till Mike get a hell raising letter about Miguel. Even Miguel will be shock by the revelation! Hey, I want to help Miguel! LOL

Why not? I am such a nice guy! I don't want Miguel to get in trouble with Mike. I want to CONFIRM the truth to Mike in the letter.

Besides, Mike is letting Miguel to stay with him till he get back on his feet. Mike is a sweet person! Mike want to move to Palm Springs. Miguel should go with him. It will do both of them some good.

BUT........Miguel don't want to leave LA! He wants to be near me!

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