Saturday, May 14, 2005

Day With Brian


This morning, I made some phone calls to some friends - Brian/Peter, Mike and another Mike. None of them was home. I figured I could spend the day with them. I was coup up in my place this past few days, working on Spirit Alien web site. I put some art on each page. It looks good. I wanted to get out on this beautiful hot day.

I went to the post office in West Hollywood for my mail. The future Dark Vadar was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. He looked scarey. I called Mike at the bus stop. Even him wasn't home. I took the long ass Bus 4 home. I was in no hurry to get home. I got home after Noon. Get it? Afternoon! LOL

Any way, Brian called me back. They went to breakfast and some errands to do. He thought about going to his mom's today. I convinced him to come over. I haven't seen him in a while. Peter couldn't come other. He spent some time with his friend from out of town. He haven't seen him since high school.

I worked on the web site more till Brian got to my place. I let him in. My black neighbor mentioned that there was a residence meeting few days ago. We got new rules. We need to open the gate for our friends; we need to walk them out too. Also, no one can climb over the fence; it considered to be transpassing. They will call the police too. Well, I won't go out to let my friends in. That's why we have a buzzer. They buzz the number; we let them in. My friend, Mike, climbs over the fence. I was always online.

Brian and I debated about where we eat. I brought up chinese food. He wanted something he haven't had in a while. We settled on Sizzler. I showed him my art designs. He was impressed. I made one each for Brian and Peter with their names. We made it on time for the bus. We waited about a minute. the bus dropped us. We walked to the bus stop. I tripped; parts of the red curb wasn't there. that was some trip! LOL. it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. the bus took us to Sizzler. We had the same thing, 6 oz steak. I had fries; he had the baked potato.

Brian was so happy at his job; he likes working there. One time, he missed the bus connection. He called a taxi cab; he made it on time. another time, the bus broke down. He walked over 69 minutes to work. He told the workers that his transportation was out of whacked. You know, lies! Really, we need to lie sometimes. If they knew he didn't have a car, they wouldn't hire him in the first place. he doesn't want to give up his job for anything.

I told him what happen with Miguel; he wants no part of me because of the letter about the attempted murder. I haven't hear from him in a week. I guessed he 's staying clear from me. I doubts that will last. He will call me back. He won't stay mad at me for long. We discussedthe attempted murder for a while. I don't think the police would ever arrest me. There is no evidence except my confession.

We ate our steaks. We pondered about Costco. I wanted to go, but Best Buy was more interesting. His membership wasn't good any more. We could go in, but we can't buy nothing. We both like Costco, but it was a waste of money. We need a car to shop. The bus wouldn't do us any good. We was heading to Best Buy. We walked up the steps. I realized I forgot something. I rushed back to get it. I hoped it was there. I ran to the table. Yes, i found it! I couldn't live without it. I really need it every day.

Mike returned my phone call. I made it short. Mike mentioned that he swtched hours with a guy. His Saturdays wasn't free. Brian looked at some printers. He may get one soon. I looked at the CD Rom games. Peter needs a game to play. I picked Daiblo 2. Peter can have my old one. I went back to the printers. Brian noticed I was bored. I claimed I wasn't. I was! I explained I need to look at a zip drive. for some reason, my zip drive wasn't working right. I can get my stuff from the disk. Brian shows me something better than a zip drive. I forgot the name of it. We can store more things on it. The zip drive is going away.

I brought Diablo 2. We waited for the bus. We went to his place. He searched for Systemworks for his computer. It was $10 more at Best Buy. He downloaded it on the computer. We watched As The Goes By. Then, I taught him how to play Warcraft 2. He enjoyed the game very much. Even Peter will like it too. I realized it was 11 PM. Damn, it was time for home. I haven't been out this late in a long time. I caught the bus. I made it on time; I didn't miss the deadline for this entry. I was hungry. I didn't ate supper. Sizzler filled me. I checked the emails. I was too tired. I went to bed.

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