Monday, May 2, 2005

$300 Big Favor


This evening at 7:30, Miguel called me for a BIG FAVOR! He wanted to borrow $300 to give to Richard, his longtime friend. Richard will go on vacation soon.

Two weeks ago, Richard lent Miguel $300 to get his passport for work. Well, Miguel never ever got his passport at all. They told Miguel to come back in May for his appointment.

Well, Miguel didn't save the money. I strongly assumed that he spent the money on you know what.

Now, Miguel is out of a passport, a new job AND a dear friend.

Miguel needed the passport for his new job at a restaurant in Santa Monica. I doubt that he still have the job any more. Miguel is a illegal alien.

Things aren't going his way for the new job. Without the passport, he can't work.

I told Miguel I can't give him the money. I am POOR WHITE TRASH! I am on limited income.
Miguel cried on the phone. I wished I could help him, but I know in my heart that I can't trust

Miguel because of his drinking problem.

Miguel needs to find someone else for help. He can't ask Michael for the money. Michael is letting him to stay with him RENT FREE. Michael is out of the question.

Miguel doesn't know what to do about the money. I felt sorry for him. Miguel got himself in the trouble all by HIMSELF!

I won't rescue him. He needs to do it on his own!

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