Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Amazing Race

Uchenna & Joyce, the black couple, are the winners of the Amazing Race.

I just finished watching it; it was truly truly amazing episode. Even the final minutes was pretty awesome. Uchenna & Joyce didn't had enough money to pay the taxi at the finish line; they begged about everyone for money. Rob & Amber were on the way to the finish line. They were still few dollars short for the taxi driver; the taxi driver was kind enough to let them to cross the finish line for a million buck.

I cried big time. The Amazing Race gets better each time. Earlier in the day, I mentioned to a friend that I want the black couple to win. I figured Rob and Amber will win the money instead. Boy, I was wrong about Rob & Amber. I was glad that Uchenna & Joyce won the race. They want to use the money to get preggie. They tried for the longest time, unsuccessful. With the million dollars, they INCREASED their chances for a baby.

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