Saturday, May 7, 2005

May 7, Saturday

This morning, i went to the post office in West Hollywood for my mail and sent off the post card to Michael & Miguel. I haven't talk to Miguel in a few days. He probably still mad at me. He haven't call me. LOL. I will wait till a few days til the smoke clears. Hopefully, the post card will make them UNDERSTAND about the letter.

I called Mike from the bus stop, "be there in 10 minutes." I got off at La Cienega and walked the rest of the way. I called out for Mike's name. went to the door. Mike let me in. The dog jumped all over me; he was quite happy to see me. Mike went back putting the plaster by the carpet. I grabbed a orange soda. We talked for a little while.

HE showed me his new pictures in his bedroom. He is really into the pictures. He is talented. A few pictures didn't turned out that well. No bigger thou. All photographers faces the same thing, even me! He took a shower as I checked my email on my AOL screen names. Mike got dressed. I showed him my pictures on YAHOO. He was impressed.

We took out the dog for a little while. I noticed the flowers in front of Mike's building. I took some pictures. I loved taking pics of flowers. I had a bunch of them! We went back in the apartment. Mike gave the dog some treats. We got in his new car. I loved the new car. Mike got a good deal on the used car.

We drove down Santa Monica Blvd. I saw an A Current Affair ad on the billboard on the left by the 101 Hollywood freeway. I said, "Some day, I will be on the show!" I always wanted to be on that show since Maury Povich hosted the program in the late 80's. Yes, I am a huge fan. For some reason, the new host, Tim Green, is not working for me. I don't see him as the host. He does a great job thou. I guessed I was used to having Maury Povich on A Current Affair.

We went driving on Route 66 to take pics. We also stopped by two train shops. Along the way, we ate at the wiener place for lunch. Then, we contunied on Route 66. I noticed a burned brick house on the rihgt side. We both were intrigue by that house. it was perfect for some pictures. We couldn't go in the house. It had a notice. There was no windows at all. It was badly burned. Mike looked around and noticed another building. We moved the car in the parking lot next door. He tried to take pics of the other house. I just stayed in the car.

Mike didn't have much success. There wasn't a away in to the other house. We drove off; Mike turned the car around and back to the house again! Mike finally found a way. He went through the side way. I used the restroom behind the house! LOL. I took more pics at the back of the house. Mike came back; he wondered what this place was before. The house must have a story. It got to! I noticed the house have two bomb shelters below the ground. Man, they were ready for the bombs!

We drove further down the road. We saw some brick houses by the freeway. The house got us curious. I took a pic from the car. Mike got out to take the pics. I stayed in the car. I didn't want to get out at all. He just parked in the busy street. He was impressed by the houses. We traveled again. We were fasinated by the brick building at the corner of the street. We parked in the driveway and took pics. We wondered what the building was.

Then we went back to LA. Mike dropped me off and went home; he was tired to see my new furniture. I brought the stuff at IKEA in Burbank! I loved my furniture. It was my FIRST TIME to buy any. I always get hand me downs! You can do so much with SSI! Yes, I am poor white trash! I download the pics on the computer. I sent Mike some pics. I updated my web sites. I did that in the morning too. I watched Saturday Night Live with Paula Abdul; she was in a funny sketchabout you know who (Corey Clark) and the other contestants. Tonight's SNL was funny. Then I went to bed. Good night!

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