Sunday, August 31, 2003


New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle

I looked up an old friend's profile. I was surprised he was online. I haven't talk to him in years. So, I immediately went to Los Angeles M4M. In the room, I said, "Greetings, earthlings." A few immed me. Mark did too! ;-)

Mark liked my "good name." I said, "Thanx. I knew you will like it!" He said, "Is this (no name - that name is dead) by chance?" I replied, "Yeah, you still got it!" I got tired of the "pussy" and wanted something out of this world! lol

We caught up with old times. I told him of where I lived - Silverlake/Echo Park by 7/11, around the block from Sunset since last September. He hasn't a clue. He knew "Waterloo," the song by ABBA!

Alot has changed since the last time we talk. I have been through alot, but I didn't tell him every details. It will take all evening to tell him! I told him about my present life. My health was fine. I was staying fit and ready. Hell, no! I don't work out! lol

He has never had the time to play video games - always working and teaching alot. That takes up most of his time. I grew up playing video games, it was in the blood! hehe. I don't think i could ever live without the games. I just can't. I will be so freaking bored!

He was on vacation to Norway, London and Swedan! He took pics. I will like to see his pics. Someday, I will move to Europe. London always interests me. I found it so fascination.

Last night, he saw The Pirates Of The Carribean starring Johnny Depp. I wondered if Mark stay at the very end of the credits. For the most part, he stayed. I don't want to give it away, but they need to make a sequel. Thanx to the monkey, that's all I was going to say! When it comes out on video, watch the very last part.

We both remembered how we met online in the late 90's. We ate at the French Market and went to his place. He lived close to Melrose on Clinton. I lived by Paramount Studios on Gower. That night I will always remembered; he was one of the first friends I ever had on AOL.

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