Friday, August 29, 2003

For A Moment

Alanis Morisette - One Of Us

For a moment, I felt I was an alien, coming from the subway to pick up my bus pass this morning.

It was an exciting feeling. I thought I was looking through alien's eyes for the very first time.

I could sense that the people, waiting for the train, wasn't my kind. They were humans; only I thought them as earthlings.

Humans I couldn't relate. In a way, I could relate in human form.

As of right now, I hope I can turn back into an alien. I was well adapted to the human flesh that I can't take being a human that much longer.

Why couldn't I be the aliens from 3rd Rock From The Sun? Dick, Harry, Sally and Tommy will aways be aliens inside and out of the human flesh!

There might be hope for me - the more I think about being one, the more I feel like one! Then, some day, I will see the mothership and be home once again where I belong.

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