Sunday, August 31, 2003

Princess Diana

Guns N Roses - November Rain

This entry is mostly about my thoughts about that sad night. Where was you at when she died?

Today (August 31, 2003, Sunday) is the sixth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. I completely forgotten about it till yesterday afternoon. At his place, Mike played an Elton John song. He said that it was the song Elton John sang at her funeral. I mentioned that was the wrong song - he sang Candle In The Wind, which was the #1 single of the year. Right now, I am downloading that song. I want to listen to it on this anniversay. Of course, I will shed a tear for our dearly departed princess.

Reliving her death - I was online at night, listening to my dance music. My door was always open much like today. Back then, my old Hollywood apartment on Gower was so hot.

My close friend, Jimmy Hicks, rushed in my place. He asked me if I knew about Princess Diana. I was bewildered and said "No." He turned on the TV and I was beyond shocked!

I cried for a while. I was always a huge fan of hers. I used to have her People Weekly front cover. I had about ten of them. She was an fascinating woman. I wished I had those magazines today. I wanted to be like her - sweet, loving, caring and passionaite woman.

It was a sad night for everyone. Top it all, millions of people in Europe was sleeping when she was killed in the tunnel. Our heart goes out for them, they are going to woke up without a princess.

Jimmy and I immediately checked out the news on the web. Few peeps was already badmouthing her. Jimmy told them off in the chats and the boards. We basicly stayed up all night watching the news and reading it online.

That was a night I always remembered till the day I died. It was much like September 11. I didn't know the airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center building. I found out on the web, then I turn the news on the tv. Last year, the sorrow of September 11 turned into happiness. I found out I can moved into my new apartment!

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