Friday, August 29, 2003


Ace Of Base - Beautiful Life

I ran into an old friend at the Normandie Subway Station. Jack sat down on the beach with his food. I was puzzled at first. Then, it dawned on me that he was really my friend I haven't seen in a few years.

I didn't went up to him at all. I was feeling ill from the heat, sweating like a pig. This human body I didn't want. We heard the train coming from Western/Wilshire. I walked toward him and didn't say anything.

He didn't know I was there at all the whole time. He was in his little world as much I was in mine. I wanted to hop on the same cart. Instead, I got in the next one. I wondered if i should have follow him in, not for some probing! lol

It was too late to change carts. I figured it was meant to be. I didn't pay any attention to him at all. I played Tetris on Gameboy Advance. I got off at my stop, Pershing Square. I went up the escalator. Much to my suprised, he was right behind me. I thanked my lucky stars.

I had another chance. I said "Hi" He was pleasantly suprise to see me! I mentioned I was there too, but I only picked up my bus pass. We caught up with old times; we haven't see the old gang at all. We exchanged phone numbers and email. He was into video games just like me!

I told him I got a place in Silverlake near Echo Park. He thought I lived by the park. I will clear that up the next time we talk. We went our separated ways - HOME!

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