Friday, August 29, 2003


Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart

Tonight, I finally went to the TV Soaps chat because my good friend was there. I wanted to suprised him.

My first thing I said was "The aliens were coming! The aliens were coming." Most of them didn't know what to think! A few of them was ready to put me on ignore! LOL

After a while, Ray felt like he knew me. We chatted in the room. I revealed myself to Ray that, (GULP!), I was an alien. He was right on the money. Some of them was still feeling uneasy about this alien. Ray set them straight - I was an harmless alien! Not quite! All aliens do probing! There was no escape at all!

I asked "What give me away?" He said it was my name. Few weeks ago, I mentioned I want something that is so me in every way possible. Ray really like my cute name.

In the room, someone asked me "What was my old name?" I didn't even answer her. Only a few close friends know about this alien. I didn't want to the whole world to know that I am a alien. Shh, don't go blabbing to everyone, folks, or else! It was our little dark secret. I always can come to your place at night for some probing!

BTW, I do have a weird sense of wicked humor! Ray's friend came in the room. I claimed that his friend couldn't be trusted! Who can trust Jason/Freddie? I wouldn't! ROFL

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