Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is MY life

This is MY life.

This is Miguel's life.

This is OUR LIFE together.

Who lives in a VICIOUS cycle?

Who believe that Miguel is drinking to his death?

Who did he made homeless before?

Who is suffering from his alcohol problem?

Who does he guilt trip?

Who is living in pain?

Who is always there for him?

Who always kick him out of my place?

Who is sick and tired of his alcohol problem?

Who wants his life back?

Who is wasting time with him?

Who babysit him?

Who is crying every night?

Who is trying their best to save his life?

Who does he goes to after an hospital stay?

Who nurse him back to health?

Who cook for him?

Who feed him?

Who bathe him?

Who cares for him?

Who helps him?

Who wash his clothes?

Who is letting him die from the alcohol?

Who is not stopping him?

Who have a history with him?

Who feels sorry for him?

Who is STUPID enough to take him back?

Who is his lover?

Who does he share his life with?

Who took him in when no one else will?

Who took money from him?

Who is addiction to his alcohol problem?

Who enabling his alcohol problem?

Who is having a hard time with his alcohol problem?

Who is feeling hopeless?

Who is feeling lost?

Who is feeling sad?

Who is feeling alone?

Who put up with his alcohol problem?

Who is not happy?

Who could lose HIS apartment?

Who loves him?

Who does he disrespect?

Who does he come to DRUNK?

Who writes about him in the diary?

Who took pictures of him?

Who videotape him?

The answer is ME!

This is OUR LIFE together.

This is Miguel's life.

This is my life.
Copyright © 2008 Kazz Falcon. All rights reserved.

this is MY life

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