Thursday, November 10, 2005



I took a shower. I was planning of going to pick up my mail. I know I have lots of mail. I wasn't there over a week.

Brian called me for a BIG FAVOR - volunteer at Outfest; Peter was sick. So, I took Peter's place.

I met Brian at McDonald's on Wilshire. We walked over to Outfest. They put us straight to work. We made name tags and cut the tickets.

Molly asked me if I want to volunteer this weekend at Fusion. I have no ideal what she was talking about it. They gave me a pamplet. It looked interesting. I signed up for the weekend. Molly mentioned she will send the hours in a email.

They brought us lunch at TOGO. We ate at Outfest.

We met this black women; she chatted a lot! lol

We talked how we became to be. Brian and I came from a baptist background. Enough said!

She had few boyfriends before, but it didn't feel right. She had a lesbian collage roomie. She didn't know that roomie was gay; she hide it from her and so forth.

She continued on with her life story. It was very interesting. She should write a book! After all, she is a writer like me!

Brian and I went to the bank on Wilshire/Western. Peter called Brian to have supper. Nah, I was too tired to eeat out with them. We parted ways. Brian went to Taco Bell to wait for Peter. I went home.

I felt like I was part of the WORKING world. It felt so good. I haven't work for the longest time.

I checked my email for the hours.


Thanks so much for your expressed interest in Fusion! I can assure you that it is going to be a total blast!

You are currently signed up for:

Friday at the Egyptian Theater
Drink Ticket Bander

Saturday at the Barnsdall Art Park
Barnsdall Load Out

Sunday at the JACCC

Remember we are asking that you wear your Outfest Volunteer shirt (or solid black shirt) with either black pants or jeans.

Please report to me when you get to the location(s). I will give you your badge on your first shift.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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