Saturday, November 19, 2005

DVD TV Shows


This morning, Mike Crouch called me; he wanted to come over in the morning. I mentioned I had plans. I returned the first season of The Brady Bunch. The pastic part of the DVD was up at the side twice.

I took 304 to Target. I went straight to the DVD area. Thank goodness that there was some first season there! I went to the cashier; she told me to go to Customer Service. I got in line; I exchanged it. I waited for the bus.

I put a check in the bank. Yesterday, I overspent on the DVDs again! Man, it is a addiction to me. I just couldn't stop myself at Best Buy AND Target.

I brought 7 DVDs at BB and Brady Bunch's first four seasons at Target. I thought I would only get three with the BB coupon. Boy, howdy!

Thank Goodness, I had more money in the bank. I don't want to go in debt! LOL

I figured I get the bread at Jons, across the street from the banks. I walked by the clothing store and the coats caught my attention. I needed a new coat. I only had my leather one, not counting the long leather coat.

I checked out the coats. I found two I like. I went to the cashier's. I was satisfied with the price. $9.99 and $19.99, not bad for two coats!

I took the rapid to Santa Monica and went home. The apartment manger was "housecleaning" the complex.

I was extremely hot. I wanted to relax for a while and watched some shows on DVD.

30 minutes later, the manager knocked on my door, "Someone was here." It was his last time to tell me. Man, it was Mike! He shouldn't be here right now. We agreed on 1 PM. The time was about 11:30 PM. I let Mike in, I mentioned 1 PM. He was anxious to come over. The manager blurted out, "Why am I cleaning?" It does felt like SUMMER! It was 84.

Mike and I went in. Mike checked his email; I watched Sanford & Son. Mike still gets on my freaking nerves with his talking. I couldn't watch my show as he talked. I should have slap the hell out of him! LOL


I finished watching some Sanford & Son episodes. I made some white cupcakes.

Later in the afternoon, Mike was hungry. I signed off to let him in the complex. Mike came back with some Tuna. He said, "You didn't hear me." Hello, Mike, the phone didn't ring once! We watched Urban Cowboy for the upteenth time! Mike asked, "When was the last time I saw that movie?" I replied, "With you." He watched the movie and doing the email at the same time. I laid on the couch.

It was getting late for Mike. He mentioned he want to spend the night, but never do! He left at the very end of the movie.

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