Thursday, November 10, 2005

AOL Sucks


The morning before, AOL deleted my web site. They didn't give me a reason yet.

AOL sent me TWO emails, but it really didn't EXPLAIN anything about the site.

It was mostly about tips and TOS!

I woke up in the morning. I noticed I wasn't online. I wondered why.

I tried to sign on. For some reason, I need to do the question to sign in. I put in the answer.

So far, everything seems all right.

I wanted to retouch my web site.

I was shocked that my web site wasn't there.

I didn't have anything wrong with it. I worked on the site over the weekend.

I know I didn't delete it.

I checked the other sites. Boy, there was gone too.


I was sad. I had the web site over three years.

I hated to start all over again and again!

It took lots of time to build one.

I had them where I loved them!

Now, I won't do any more web sites on AOL with the screen name I have at this moment.

It is a waste of time.

I was glad that I start to put on all my art on Blogger! It was a good thing I did!

AOL sucks!

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