Thursday, November 24, 2005

Birthday Riddle


Yesterday evening, a riddle came to me.........I think u will get it.

If someone born on Thanxgiving day, how many birthdays are there?

In their lifetime, they will be TWICE older then they "normally" are.

The birthday and thanxgiving are the SAME date......let's say Nov 24, 2005, Thursday. I was born on thanxgiving.

Next year, thanksgiving is 23, Thursday..........but my birthday is 24, Friday.

I will have TWO birthdays on Thursday AND Friday.

The two birthdays wil make me TWICE older than I "normally" am.

I will be 37 and 38 in ONE MONTH time!


In reality, I was born on a Monday in 1969. Therefore, there is no way possible I can have TWO birthdays in November!

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