Wednesday, November 23, 2005

11/23/05 Wed


7:30 AM - Taylor woke up. He got ready and left to see about a job; he will take care of a old lady. That is something Taylor really need. The place he is living at now, the man is a major creep to him. Taylor really need to get away from the phycho!

Taylor mentioned he will come back later on today. Since Monday, Taylor have been staying with me. We need each other during this time; Robert passed away last Thursday.

I hardly do anything today, except the usual things I do.

Another old friend, Mike, called me from his work in the evening time. We talked eariler this morning for a split second. He was going back to bed. I mentioned a friend died from cancer. Mike mentioned he was sorry.

We chatted for a while. Mike don't look forward to thanxgiving/Holidays. Today was the anniversary of Mike's ex lover's death. He died few years ago. It was still hard on him. They have been together for a long time.

I mentioned tomorrow is my birthday. Mike joked that I was a old queen. He brought up the Xmas parade. It is this Sunday. I didn't know that. The parade was the last Sunday after Thanxgiving. We hunged up the phone.

Later, Taylor finally called. He won't be coming home tonight. He was babysitting.

Last night, Taylor found the Loreena McKennitt tape. I was quite surprised. I remembered that Robert gave me the tape few years ago. Now, I have SOMETHING to remember Robert. Taylor and I listened to the tape.

I looked up my web sites. I wrote about it on the web. I hit the jackpot.

Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt is my new favorite singer, right along with Enya! Oct 24, 2002, Thursday, I found Loreena on Musicmatch player while listening to Enya. Her song came on and her voice was beautiful beholding with my ears!

A very funny thing happened thou, my friend came over and I wanted him to hear the beautiful Loreena song. I was so shock to learn that Robert already knew her songs. He mentioned he listened to her over 6 years now and already had some CDs of hers. He offered that I could listen to his CDs. I can't wait! :-P

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