Monday, October 8, 2001

2001, October 8, 2001, Monday

Miguel didn't come home last night. He probably doing drugs, drinking, partying with his bad friends and having sex KNOWING he has STD, gonorrhea!

Tonight, I checked his account once more. I went back to the bank statement ending 9/5/2001. It crossed my mind he doing all that I listed a lot longer than I thought. THE FOUR DAYS he was missing in August 2001, he was DOING MORE than at his friend's house like I really believed his freaking lies!

For crying out loud, he was at Hollywood Spa & a motel. He must be seeing someone else. It was adding up now. I looked through his nightstand again, this time very good. I discovered his May 2001's bank statement. He spent $58.30 at Le Sex Shoppe on 5/29/01. Also, he spent $14.03 at the Highland Books on the same day. A reminder, guys, the bank takes out money days later for the purchases! He was there before 5/29.

I tried his latest statements, he hasn't got them at his sister's yet or he may be hiding them from me. I would keep on checking back.

Later, guys!

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